FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


1.)    How long does it take for my vehicle to be delivered?

Delivery time varies on the details of your shipment. Factors that affect time frames are the following:

·         Same state or neighboring states usually 1-3 days.

·         Coast to coast usually 7-10 days

·         International usually 3-7 weeks (not all ports are available)

·         Customs clearance, traffic volume may also impact departure time.

·         Ports of call include California, Texas, New Jersey/New York, Florida


2.)    How will I know when my vehicle will be delivered?

Once a vehicle is assigned to a transporter, the transporter will be in touch with you regarding delivery time and drop off location. Some drop off locations may not be available due to certain factors, i.e. residential restrictions, business hours,


3.)    How is payment made for transportation?

For shipments within the U.S. a deposit is required for vehicle to be dispatched. The balance of transport will be paid on delivery to the driver with either cash/money order/ or a certified check.

For international shipments payment MUST be made in FULL before vehicle is picked up, payments are to be made with wire transfers or with a credit card WITH a signed non-dispute form. Vehicles will only be picked up once payment has been received.


4.)    Does my car have to be able to run and drive to have it transported?

No it does not, but if it does not you must make a note before hand in order to avoid extra fee’s, if stated as a run and drive and infact the vehicle does not, additional fee’s may be applied.


5.)    What if I am not available when my car needs to be delivered?

If the transporter cannot get in touch with you or you are not available when delivery is scheduled, transport will hold the car for delivery later or the vehicle will be put in storage and delivery will be re-arranged, however if you are unavailable additional fee’s may be applied.


6.)    Can my vehicle be shipped to any country?

Shipping to any country is not impossible but we cannot provide shipping to every country on a regular basis. While getting a quote please select the country you wish to ship to. If it does does appear, please apply for a custom quote and we will do our best to arrange it, aloow 24-72 hours for a response.


7.)    Can my vehicle be delivered directly to my house?

Yes delivery can be made to residential areas  if the transporters equipment is not limited by legal street restrictions and is able to maneuver around the streets. If it cannot, delivery will be arranged at a nearby parking lot or auto shop at all parties convenience. 


8.)    Is it possible to have my vehicle picked up today or tomorrow?

Usually same day/next day pick up cannot be guaranteed but we will do our best to accommodate all parties involved. If quick pick up and delivery is possible additional fee’s maybe be factored in.


9.)    My vehicle was picked up or delivered late.

Our pick up and delivery dates are estimated and times are not guaranteed. However we always do our best to keep to schedule and have all transport arrangements run smoothly.


10.)   After transport has been arranged would there be additional fee’s?

Our quotes are the exact prices of transport, however we do not cover loading and unloading fee’s, storage fee’s, any paperwork fee’s, time fee’s if the driver has to wait and you cannot be contacted at delivery time, and any fee’s that apply if the vehicle is being shipped internationally.


11.)   Do you transport to Canada and/or Mexico?

We can transport the vehicle(s) to the borders on the US side only. Customer must arrange the following;

·         Contact a customs broker to verify all required paperwork is submitted.

·         Retrieve the title from the seller

·         Find a location on the US to have the vehicle delivered to

·         Arrange for a transporter to bring the vehicle across the border


12.)   How many vehicles fit in one container when shipping overseas?

Containers are standard 40 ft. and will usually fit 2 large cars/SUV’s , 3standard cars or 4 compact vehicles roughly, all depending on vehicle conditions. There are many vehicle combinations that will allow you to ship many different types of vehicles. Containers also come in 20 ft standard which will fit only 1 vehicle.


13.)   Do you offer RORO shipping (Roll On Roll Off)?

RORO service is available for vehicles that drive and have no damage ONLY.

14.)   What information must I have before shipping overseas?

Customers must arrange the following:

·         Release/retrieve title from the seller/auctions

·         Provide information of delivery location (name, address, telephone number)

·         Any additional information necessary at delivery location must be provided to transporter before delivery. i.e. ( keys, title, dock receipt etc.)


15.)   What happens if my vehicle is denied at the port?

If vehicles go to the port they must run & drive otherwise they will get denied. Vehicles that are denied will have to be shipped in a container or transported back to where they were picked up. Additional fees will apply if vehicles are denied.


16.)  DO you accept Paypal?


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